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One Simple Change Makes Life Easy

The Twelve Empowerments are a 12 part training

with access to a support system that is rooted in timeless wisdom.

Empowerment. Ease. Intelligence. Love.

What can I expect from the Twelve Empowerments?

These are some of the endless results realized by thousands of participants from all continents and walks of life.

End of Suffering

Through the step-by-step Training, you discover freedom from suffering, and true well-being regardless of circumstances.

Harmonize All Relationships

Through the extensively tested algorithm, you can enjoy happiness, peace, deep care and appreciation, unconditional love in all relationships.

Ease in Life and Empowerment of Your Talents

Gain ever-growing confidence in your innate strengths, gifts and talents and see how you can use them to benefit all.

A Complete Offering

Rooted in the ancient Dzogchen Lineage and based on over 45 years of global research and implementation of the most effective tools for empowerment.

Clear Step-by-Step
Instruction Set

Rather than just a philosophy, the training offers a clear instruction set that when applied offers real results in your relationships, work, and all of life.

The Twelve Empowerments include:

An online Training platform 


Questions for deep reflection 


Sharing with fellow participants

Timeless Wisdom for Today

Timeless wisdom is made accessible through contemporary language and an approach relevant for our everyday life.

The Twelve Empowerments include:

Highest teachings and practice presented in modern language

Powerful written teachings and transmisisons

Videos with Ziji Rinpoche and Trainers

24/7 Support-System, Wherever You Are

Enjoy a simple effortless practice, endless free media, accomplished Trainers, a community worldwide choosing their beneficial power.

The Twelve Empowerments include:

A Personal Trainer for 1:1 support


Weekly Group Calls


Dedicated Facebook Group with Trainers and participants

What is the Suggested Contribution

We are offering two levels of contribution to make sure everyone can participate in the Training regardless of their financial situation.

For either option, you can contribute in one, two or three installments.

Full contribution: $2,500
Covers the time required by the Trainers and Team to serve you completely.

Scholarship contribution: $1,500 

Available for unique circumstances. Lower scholarship contributions are possible.


What if I have more questions or want to get started?

We’d love to meet you on a free call with a Trainer who can answer all your questions and share with you more about the next steps and all that is on offer to you. Simply click the button below to find a time that works for you and we’re happy to be in touch.

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